Should You Have Sex During “That Time” Of The Month?


Having sex on your period is a toss up for most couples. Unless you are a vampire, blood in the bedroom can be an icky situation.  As women, we are taught to hide our periods, that they are embarrassing, messy and a pain.  Many women feel that having sex while on their period is gross or worse, they … [Read more...]

Why Foreplay And Preparation Before Anal Sex Is Essential


Anal sex can be one of the kinkiest experiences for any couple to take. However, it can also be one of the messiest if not handled properly. Preparing for this kind of sex is a key ingredient to having a great time. If you have ever had a bad experience with anal sex then you know just how wrong … [Read more...]

Learn The Forbidden TRUTH About Anal Sex & How You Can Make It HOT!


Do you wish you could have anal sex with your partner? Have you tried it before, only to watch your lover shrink away in pain? Do you fantasize about putting it in your lover's backdoor, even though she won't let you do it?If anal pleasure is your thing, but you haven't had the opportunity to … [Read more...]

How To Use Oral Sex To Help Introduce Your Partner To Anal Pleasure


Oral sex can be an excellent bridge to first time anal sex if you're careful how you go about it. Here's what to do to get the ball rolling on anal play. The Connection Between Oral Sex And Anal Sex What’s the connection? It’s best to start slowly introducing anal play to your partner while you’re … [Read more...]