How To Be A Nice Guy – And Get All The Girls


Dating a "bad boy" may seem fun at first for girls, but the relationship will quickly fizzle. Women may be attracted to the bad boy type in the beginning, but it's not going to last long because soon, they get tired of them being rude, selfish and inconsiderate.Sweet guys are great, but men that … [Read more...]

Dating Tips: How To Make The First Approach


Dating starts when you first go up to a woman - but the way you do it can be crucial to how far you can go with her. Here's how to make the initial introduction perfect. So maybe you are out running an every day errand, maybe you are getting some drinks at a bar or club, either way, all you know is … [Read more...]

Dating Advice: Who Should Make the First Move?


In today's dating world, long gone are the days of Sadie Hawkins dances. Now it’s as common for girls to ask out guys as it is the other way around. Yet some women still prefer to be pursued, and some men still prefer to be the pursuer. When you’ve met someone new and are interested in dating them, … [Read more...]