MMF Threesome Dilemma… Why Can’t My Threesome Have One Woman and Two Men?


It's widely known in society that a man enjoys watching two or more women have sex with each other. A huge fantasy among men is to have a threesome with their partner - two women with him right smack in the middle of them.Less mentioned, however, is the threesome where there is one woman and two … [Read more...]

How To Know If She’s Straight (and interested in you…), Bisexual, or Lesbian?


When you're in a club, or another place where lots of people get together to hang out and possibly meet dates, you can sometimes find yourself overwhelmed.If you're there looking for a date, it can sometimes be hard to figure out if a girl likes you, or is even interested in you. For all you know, … [Read more...]

Does Wanting to See My Wife Have Sex With Another Man Make Me Gay?


One of the most popular fantasies out there is the idea of the threesome...Most men love the idea of seeing their woman have sex with another woman while they watch, or the idea of having two women have sex with him at the same time.But threesome fantasies don't stop there...There are also men … [Read more...]