Sex Toys – Let Adults Enjoy the Right to Buy and Sell Them


There are many threats facing our nation today: global warming, the economy, terrorism, health care, etc.But none of these stack up against the greatest threat facing us today: the proliferation of sex toys. At least it was a problem in the state of Texas until a Federal Appeals court overturned a … [Read more...]

Sex, Religion, and Hypocrisy – Will Embracing Your Sexuality Offend God?


"The trouble with lies is it’s hard to forget where the real man hides."--Gene Eugene, lead singer of Adam AgainI always admire people who are not afraid to come out in the light and live their life fearlessly. The Naked Cowboy in Times Square playing his guitar and giving a smile in the busiest … [Read more...]

BANNED for Talking About Sex?


As Easter approaches, I'm left wondering what's become of our nation and of Christianity...What are we coming to when we show blood and guts sprayed all over the TV, even on the Family Channel and Cartoon Network, but it's wrong to even talk about sex. God forbid, someone shows a breast - we all … [Read more...]

Uncovering Sex and Sexuality Censorship in Today’s Business World


The level of censorship and phobias that exit in today's business world are astounding - surrounding anything dealing with or even mentioning sex or sexuality.You may not realize just how much censorship takes place every day that is keeping you from expressing your God given rights and … [Read more...]