To Confront Or Not Confront: A Mistress Or A Lover


We've all seen it, if not in real life then on TV or in the movies: The faithful wife or husband confronting their partner's love. It happens time and time again, as the main character meets up with her cheating husband's mistress. To Confront Or Not To Confront The question in itself may sound … [Read more...]

Why Adultery Is Higher During The Holidays


Hard to believe the holidays are just around the corner! For some of us, that's good news – while others of us are likely dreading the upcoming months. Although many people look forward to this time of year, there's no denying we face countless stresses starting now and lasting through the end of … [Read more...]

Letterman Scandal Shines Light On Serial Adulterers


As news broke recently about David Letterman's admitted relationships with women who worked for him, it points again to the fact that people in the spotlight tend to act out when stressed and pursue illicit relationships. The Letterman scandal was brought to light by a CBS newsman who originally … [Read more...]