Don’t Let A Financial Downturn Cause Financial Infidelity in Your Relationship


As I've mentioned before, I'm calling this economic crisis "Financial 9/11." And it's obvious that this downturn has been around for awhile, and may be here to stay for quite some time. A report was recently released that the recession is said to have started this time last year. Meaning … [Read more...]

Love, Sex, and Dating 2008 – The Best of Dan and Jennifer


Just in case you missed any of the excitement this year, here's a wrap of 2008! I'm including our best, most talked about, and most controversial love, sex, and dating topics of the year. Enjoy! Love & Relationships I’m In A Sexless Marriage! What Happened? Should You Stay In A Sexless … [Read more...]

How To Tell If Someone Is Lying To You Over The Phone – Without Any Special Equipment


Have you ever been having a conversation with someone, say, in the office, at home or out-and-about and doubted the truthfulness of something they’ve said? If you’re like most people, you no doubt have. It’s a frustrating position to be in.Even though you might suspect one or more of their … [Read more...]