Tiger Woods – Shame On Who?


Men have plenty of excuses for Tiger Woods' sexual mis-steps ~ things like: "Powerful men have a higher sex drive" or, "Men are just wired that way" or, "If women don’t want their men to stray, they need to turn up the passion in the bedroom." And I say – Pleeeeze! We all know that men do not have a … [Read more...]

Are Bankers And Financiers More Vulnerable To Affairs?


During a recession, bankers are the new lawyers. You know, the butts of jokes, either loved or hated. A new study shows many are feeling hated and seeking love in all the wrong places.According to Reuters:"IllicitEncounters.com said it has seen a huge increase in the number of financial workers … [Read more...]

On Tiger Woods, And Adultery


Let me state publically I am not a Justin Timberlake fan at all. His acting and even his stints on commercials and on Saturday Night Live I can handle, but his music and singing leaves me hallow. But in one moment I looked past my own personal dislike for the man’s abilities and saw him as a fellow … [Read more...]

How To Have An Affair… With Your Partner!


These days, who isn't stressed? About finances, work, career, and – likely – relationships as well. Or maybe you're bored in your relationship and looking for a change. Maybe you're facing all of the above! It can be tempting to self-medicate any tension you feel in your relationship – or in your … [Read more...]