How To Give A Female Orgasm – Even If Your Penis Is Too Small


Maybe it’s the culture of pornography that led men to believe they can only please women if they have a foot-long member to wield. Maybe it’s the bragging that they often hear from friends, or it’s the way the media has always depicted the ideal man, virile and hung as a horse. Whatever made a lot … [Read more...]

Best Female Orgasm Tips Of 2009


Giving a woman an orgasm is probably one of the greatest ways to connect with a woman physically and emotionally. Whether you want to give her an orgasm through intercourse, via oral sex, or by fingerging her g-spot, she's going to be putty in your hands if you know the tips and tricks to use to … [Read more...]

Sex Toys 101: How To Buy Your First Vibrator


Many couples are discovering that vibrators and other sex toys can enhance their sex lives by adding a little fun and variety.And with masturbation - especially female masturbation (yes, it does happen) - being somewhat taboo in society today, a woman interested in pleasuring herself may have few … [Read more...]

Top 10 Things Women Wish Men Would Do Before, During and After Sex


These days it should come as no surprise that women enjoy sex just as much as men do, but one thing that has stayed the same is that they would like men to 'just know' what they want without having to break down and tell them!This article should make sex a real no-brainer for you from here on … [Read more...]