Feeling Shy with the Hotties? Ten Can’t Miss Flirting Moves


Flirting is phenomenal! It is a playful, fun activity that helps you feel more attractive and boosts your flirtee’s self esteem. Flirting can be a complete encounter; it doesn’t mean you have to go any farther. As long as you are in a safe public place, a little flirting is a fun, uplifting … [Read more...]

3 Ways To Be An Unforgettable Boyfriend And Make Her Forget About Her Ex


There are women who got burned so badly by their previous relationships that they don’t want to venture out into the ‘unknown’ anymore. These women are jaded, cynical about love, and think sex is overrated. When a guy finds a hot girl, who just happened to be afflicted by the “man hate” syndrome, … [Read more...]

You Said What?! Seven Things You Should Never Say To A Woman


When people teach the Law of Attraction, they explain that what you put your attention on increases.  In an effort to explore why bad things happen, they teach that worrying about negative things can actually attract them to you. Worry Is Natural Because worry is a natural response to living, … [Read more...]