The 3 All Time BEST Places To Meet Women


Dating is intimidating if you don't know where to go to pick up chicks. You might have thought all hope was lost when you started wondering around bars and the like, hoping to see a girl you might want to get to know - chances were, you either didn't find any chicks at all, or the ones you did find … [Read more...]

Online Dating: How To Choose The Right Site


Online dating doesn't have to be difficult with these simple recommendations on selecting the right dating website for you! We are entering the glory days of a revolution, virtual love abounds and is just a mouse click or two away. The requirements are simple, easy. A good photograph will do and, of … [Read more...]

How To Give Your Dating Strategy A Total Makeover


Dating tips can improve your game, but if your game is a little shabby to begin with, they're only going to do so much. If you haven't gotten a girl's number or have gone on a date in awhile, it may be time to throw your old dating tips out the window and give your entire dating strategy an … [Read more...]