The 9 Booty Call Commandments


A booty call is a relationship and like all relationships, they have their own set of rules. Are you following these nine booty call "laws?" What She Said: Thou Shall Keep It ClearThe best way to have fun with a booty call is to clearly define your relationship beforehand. Booty calls, by popular … [Read more...]

How To Get Out Of A Dating Dry Spell ASAP!


Dating doesn't always mean you're going to go out with person after person - some nights, you end up alone! Here's how to get out of your dating slump NOW! I'm in a dating dry spell. Big time. It's been forever. I can't seem to break it, no matter what! It's beyond frustrating! What can I do? What … [Read more...]

I’ve Got The Hots For One Of My Roommates!


A booty call can be a lot of fun - but it can also complicate things a great deal if you happen to be living with the person you want to hook up with! It's not at all uncommon for young roommates of the opposite sex to be attracted to each other - you're often seeing your roommate in their most … [Read more...]

Relationship Advice: Is It Too Soon To Move In Together?


A relationship often progresses naturally from dating to moving in to living together and possibly eventually to marriage. When you meet someone, you start flirting and hitting it off, and then you go on a few dates together. Before long, you and the person you're interested are in a relationship. … [Read more...]

How To Tell If You Are Really More Than Friends?


Dating is difficult when you feel like you're more than friends but just aren't sure. It's easy to meet someone and begin a friendship with them, only to start feeling more for them than you originally did as you get to know them. However, taking a friendship to dating can be intimidating, because … [Read more...]