How to Recover From an Emotional Hangover and Create a Healthy Relationship


Whether you've been in a bad relationship, have been cheated on or even been abused, it is possible for you to carry the emotional baggage with you even once the situation itself has passed.Women especially are vulnerable to emotional hangovers and can let bad experiences affect them continually, … [Read more...]

How To Get More Hits To Your Online Dating Profile


I’m going to premise this by saying that I can give you some tips for helping you get more ‘hits’ on your profile but I make no promises that if you write the most amazing profile on earth, you’ll find your soul mate.A lot can happen after some winks and a flurry of emails! But until then, here … [Read more...]

My Boyfriend is a Total Liar! Should I Dump Him Or Give Him Another Chance?


What should you do if your partner lies to you?It can be a tough situation to deal with, especially if both partners love and care about each other despite the lies.There are a few things to ask both yourself and your partner before making a decision whether or not to stay with them.One thing … [Read more...]

Why Having Sex Right Away Doesn’t Mean He’ll Call…


Okay ladies, I know most of you THINK seducing your date is the quickest way to get him to call you back but in reality it’s the worst thing you can do—especially early on! There are many “dating experts” that will tell you differently including fellow colleague David Wygant, who by the way gives … [Read more...]