Do You Know Why Your Partner is Pushing You Away?


Don was a tall thin, ex bass guitar player of 43 who had been sober for 18 months.  He had, for the first time in his adult life begun to experience the pleasure of being alive without drugs in his system and had met Karen.  Karen was a divorcee with two teenaged children. Her ex-husband had been a … [Read more...]

Should You Get Married To A Man Who Doesn’t Want Kids?


If you find yourself in a situation where you're in a committed relationship but your partner doesn't want kids (and you do), take heart because you're not the first.Regardless, it is still a difficult situation to be in and one in which decisions must be made. It is never easy to choose between … [Read more...]

Think Cheaters Are Always the Bad Guys? You May Be Wrong…


It’s all over the media, Maury Pauvich,  Joey Bosco’s “Cheater” series,  the front page of the New York Times with the story of Elliot Spitzer, and of course, Bill Clinton.  Now, in our culture, there is nothing worse than a cheater, is there?We hate them for being unfaithful to their wives, … [Read more...]