Burned By His Ex… Will He Ever Commit to a Relationship With Me?


It's an age old dilemma...A  woman is dating a guy who isn't ready to commit.  It can certainly be vice versa, and either way, it's frustrating to be the one ready to commit when your partner isn't.Everyone stresses the importance of being on the same page relationship-wise with your partner and … [Read more...]

My Boyfriend is a Total Liar! Should I Dump Him Or Give Him Another Chance?


What should you do if your partner lies to you?It can be a tough situation to deal with, especially if both partners love and care about each other despite the lies.There are a few things to ask both yourself and your partner before making a decision whether or not to stay with them.One thing … [Read more...]

Cheating and Infidelity – 5 Tips For Healing The Hurt


Infidelity is certainly one of the most challenging issues a couple can face. The depth of pain experienced by the partner who was cheated on can be excruciating and unrelenting.For those who are not able to move past this transgression, it can represent the death of the relationship. The breach … [Read more...]

Find Out If You’re In An Emotionally Abusive Relationship


Signs of Abuse Do you feel like you have to “walk on eggshells” around your partner?  Are you afraid a lot of the time in your relationship?  Is your self esteem being slowly eroded?  It’s possible you’re in an emotionally abusive relationship.Emotional abuse can sometimes be a tricky thing to … [Read more...]

10 Tips To Infidelity-Proof Your Relationship


Infidelity can sneak up on even the most solid partnerships.According to an infidelity poll conducted by WomanSavers.com of 6,330 women, 92% believe that emotional affairs lead to physical affairs, whereas only a mere 7% believe they do not.With the increase in technology, cheating has become … [Read more...]