Teens And Porn – What Are The Hidden Dangers?


Almost all teens watch porn, no matter how hard you try to hide it from them. A simple Google search for "boobs" can pull up a multitude of things, and the Internet makes it incredibly easy to access all kinds of porn. Teens spend more time on the Internet than just about anybody, so naturally … [Read more...]

Is It Wrong to be Jealous Of My Partner Watching Porn?


When a man watches porn, it is normal to feel jealous or insecure. This is actually a common issue among many women. It's hard for a woman to get over the fact that her man is looking and perhaps thinking of another woman. It is hard for a woman to accept a man watching porn because traditionally, … [Read more...]

Self Pleasure – Enjoying Erotica on Your Own…


Janie, a bachelorette, travels constantly on business. After a long day of intense sales calls, she retires to her room where she eats alone, checks e-mail, and prepares for the next day’s work.By the end of the evening, she’s too edgy to sleep and a little lonely. She could saunter down to the … [Read more...]

I Like Watching Porn… What’s The Big Deal?


Pornography has been around for hundreds and possibly even thousands of years.There are different levels of pornography, from the mild romance novel to the hardcore BDSM movie.Pornography also spans across different cultures, and some cultures are more accepting than others.Many people may ask … [Read more...]

Help! My Husband Is Forcing Me To Make A Porn Video!


You're with someone you love, but your relationship seems to be going in a downward spiral.You're not alone! There's fighting, arguing and even ultimatums involved.How do you know if you're being manipulated? Abuse isn't limited to just physical abuse. Both men and women are verbally and even … [Read more...]