Oral Sex – Do You Need A Condom And Can You Get An STD?


Oral sex isn't something that makes you think of STD's automatically -  you've probably heard that the greatest risk for transmitting sexual infections such as HIV, AIDS, chlamydia and syphilis come from anal sex and vaginal intercourse. But can STD's be transmitted through mouth to genital sex? … [Read more...]

10 Ways To Become An Oral Sex Master (For Women)


Oral sex is something every guy craves, but a lot of girls aren't good at it. They try to imitate what they see porn stars do in adult films, but that's actually not the best way to give a guy a blowjob. It's all for the cameras - but here's the REAL way to be great at oral sex. If you follow these … [Read more...]

7 Blowjob Tips That Will Turn His Knees To Jelly


A blowjob is heavenly for a guy - even if you suck at it (pun intended). If you're feeling like your oral sex skills are sub-par, spicing up your routine a bit isn't difficult. These seven tips will show you how to step up your game when it comes to giving your partner fellatio and you'll learn how … [Read more...]