Why You Can’t Ignore His Balls When Giving Him A Blowjob (Or A Handjob)


A blowjob should involve your man's entire genital area - including his scrotum. You don't want to just stick to the head and shaft of his penis - there's lots more down there that has sensitive nerve endings that can create waves of intense pleasure. Here's why you shouldn't skip over his boys … [Read more...]

Fellatio Techniques That Will Make His Legs Shake!


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What To Do When He Can’t Keep It Up During Oral Sex!


Oral sex is awesome for guys, but not every guy can maintain his erection while you do your thing. Do this if he has trouble keeping it up during oral sex. Is It Your Fault? Not every man (especially those above the age of forty) has the ability to swiftly get an erection and keep his penis hard … [Read more...]