Why Can I Only Reach Orgasm With Clitoral Stimulation?


An orgasm isn't always something that is easy for a woman to achieve. Getting to climax for a girl isn't at all as easy or quick as it is for a guy - for a guy, it's pretty much guaranteed that he's going to orgasm during sex but not so much for a woman. In fact, many women can only have a climax by … [Read more...]

5 Easy Tantric Sex Moves To Try Tonight!


Tantric sex is a great way to connect emotionally and sexually to your partner. Instead of focusing on techniques to get to orgasm faster, Tantra focuses on the emotional and physical intimacy you share with someone during sex. It also teaches you to focus more on each individual sensation during … [Read more...]

How To Have An Orgasm In 60 Seconds


Orgasms can sometimes come quickly, when you least expect them, and they can also take forever to achieve if you're not 100% in the game. If having an orgasm consistently takes you awhile, you're probably wondering how to speed your body up and reach climax faster. Here are some great tips on how to … [Read more...]