How Do I Tell My Girlfriend About My Foot Fetish?


A foot fetish is one of the most common fetishes in the sexual realm. Foot fetishes are usually the worship or obsession with female feet. If you want to tell your girlfriend about it, you are probably nervous about how she will take it.It’s important to remember that every guy and girl has a … [Read more...]

When Is Your Kink Really A Fetish?


A kink is something someone really likes during sex - but what is a fetish, and how can you tell if your kink really is that or if it's something more? Who Wants A Boring Sex Life? Nobody enjoys a boring a sex life. Having variety in the bedroom is a natural form of keeping things interesting. Doing … [Read more...]

Best Kink, Fetishes & BDSM Articles Of 2011


Kink, BDSM and fetishes are becoming more popular as people are indulging their "dark sides." More and more couples are looking to kinky sex in an effort to spice up their sex lives, while other players are simply seasoned lovers of BDSM and kink. Check out our favorite naughty articles of the year … [Read more...]

Top 10 Most Common Kinks & Fetishes


BDSM, kinks and fetishes are actually more prevalent than you may think. Check out the ten most popular kinks & fetishes! Foot Fetish People with a foot fetish get sexually aroused by women's feet. A foot fetish and a shoe fetish are often mistaken for one another - people with a shoe fetish … [Read more...]