How To Deal With Your Partner’s Secret Diaper Fetish


So your partner has a diaper fetish or diaper sex fantasy. Weird? Perhaps to you. However, the "diaper lover" and "adult baby" community is a surprisingly large and growing community filled with people who enjoy wearing diapers during sex, having their partners wear diapers during sex, and those who … [Read more...]

Q&A: BDSM and Fetishes – When Your Fantasies Don’t Line Up


Everyone's sexual fetishes are unique, and it's not uncommon for two people who like very different things to be in a relationship together. Can you and your partner find sexual satisfaction together and bond sexually when you both like completely different things in the bedroom? Here's … [Read more...]

Q&A: What Is Your Opinion On Fetishes And Bestiality?


Fetishes and fantasies are everwhere, and it seems like almost everyone has their own fetish or fantasy that turns them on. Some people have more than one, but the majority of these fetishes are fairly tame, such as a blindfold in the bedroom, handcuffs or even a little hardcore BDSM. Some fantasies … [Read more...]