Shoe Fetish – How Can I Find A Partner To Enjoy It With Me?


Many people have fetishes, whatever they may be. Some of the most common fetishes, however, are bondage and shoe fetishes. If you have a shoe fetish or another type of fetish, it might seem daunting to try to find a partner to enjoy your fetish with, but with a little searching, you can definitely … [Read more...]

What ME a Sex Addict?


Only a few of us think that the way we participate in sexual activity is addictive, but often the beginnings of sexual addictions show up in covert ways that we may miss if we are not attentive.I just spent three days at a symposium on addiction and the speakers there reminded me of just how … [Read more...]

Are You STILL Afraid Of Being Naked?


Sheer terror. You know the EXACT moment I’m talking about. You’ve just gotten your new woman into bed, the lights are out (thank GOD!), and you’ve been pleasuring her to no end… touching… teasing… kissing… the place is ON FIRE. You gently slide between her legs. She gaps… and pulls you in closer… … [Read more...]

Are My Sexual Fetishes And Kinky Fantasies Bad?


Almost everyone has a sexual fetish or fantasy of some kind, but many people don't like to admit it.Society has put sort of a damper on being open and honest about what turns us on sexually, however, most of it is healthy and even natural.Most fetishes and fantasies aside though, some of them … [Read more...]