How To Recover After Having Sex On The First Date


Having sex on the first meeting can really screw things up for you. But is it possible to put having sex behind you and start over?You messed up. You had too much wine, the lighting was just right or you gave into primal urges that you know you shouldn’t have. Now you’re looking for you panties as … [Read more...]

Online Dating: How & When To Make The First Contact


Online dating should always be premeditated - that's the beauty of online dating! You can have the communication well thought out in advance. Here's how.In online dating, the first move is unlike any "in real life" first meeting you've ever had. The Hunt The first move in online dating is entirely … [Read more...]

Flirting Tips: How To Do It Online


Flirting online should be an enjoyable experience. You should take your time while you are doing it. Getting to know a person, especially online, is almost like having your first date. You are finding out about each other and trying to attract and sustain mutual interest.Make sure you have … [Read more...]