The TRUTH You Need To Know About Stripper Girlfriends


A stripper could make an excellent partner, right? Don't assume before you date one - here is exactly what to be aware of before dating a stripper! Armed with this massive amount of knowledge, dating dancers—or just enjoying a lot of hot sex with them—is going to be within your grasp.But before … [Read more...]

Flirting Vs Rapport – Know The Difference For INCREDIBLE Results with Women


Flirting is much different than rapport. Rapport is a way of relating to someone that you have an established relationship with.The fastest way to build relationships with people is to share personal information about yourself. When you talk to a woman and discover things or experiences you have … [Read more...]

5 Weird Flirting Methods For EXPLOSIVE Results With All Women


Flirting with girls about their beauty is the most powerful way to lower their initial defenses and attract them. You’ve only got two minutes to impress a woman and make yourself stand out as somebody unique. Understand that these beautiful ladies only want men with high standards. 1. Flirting … [Read more...]