How To Give A Woman Wild Screaming Orgasms, Leaving Her With Uncontrollable Spasms!


Orgasm tips are helpful if you want to give a girl the best climax of her life. Check out these orgasm tips and make your lover go NUTS!How would you like it if your woman screams in bed every time you have sex? No, not screams of pain, but shrieks of pure ecstasy! Most guys would give anything to … [Read more...]

How To Keep Having Sex Even After You Ejaculate


Foreplay is usually before sex, right? It doesn't have to be! Use foreplay to give your partner an orgasm if you ejaculate too early.Women don’t care if you've ejaculated or not, but THEY DO CARE IF YOU STOP THE FUN. They’re pissed with guys who don’t understand a most basic sexual principle: Just … [Read more...]