How To EASILY Give Her An Earth Shattering Orgasm During Intercourse


A female orgasm is completely dependent on a solid understanding of your partner's body, climactic response, and what makes her feel good both physically and emotionally. You feel confident about your knowledge and skills, what to look for when you're in the heat of the moment, and can tell when … [Read more...]

How To Have Better Sex RIGHT NOW!


Better sex comes with consistency. A lot of guys have a real tendency to swing from one extreme to another, thinking that the farther left or right of the continuum they go, the better sex becomes. When a girl asks you to go slow do you not only quit the breakneck speed, but swing to the opposite … [Read more...]

Should You Have Sex During “That Time” Of The Month?


Having sex on your period is a toss up for most couples. Unless you are a vampire, blood in the bedroom can be an icky situation.  As women, we are taught to hide our periods, that they are embarrassing, messy and a pain.  Many women feel that having sex while on their period is gross or worse, they … [Read more...]