3 Things All Men Need To Know About The G-Spot


If there's one topic about sexual health which is controversial, that is none other than the female G-spot. Some experts say that there is such a thing as a G-spot which brings a woman earth-shattering orgasms when stimulated. However, there's this other part of the spectrum wherein skeptics say … [Read more...]

4 Fingering Methods That Will Get Your Girl Off Every Time


Fingering your girlfriend will probably take you back to high school. However, fingering can be one of the most erotic ways to give your girlfriend or wife an orgasm. Sometimes using your fingers can make your girl orgasm even harder than using your penis or your mouth. If you have never been the … [Read more...]

A Review Of Love Making Methods That Are Sure To Please Your Woman


As silly as it may seem, a lot of men tend to forget the basics of lovemaking when the urge to release takes over. Imagine you're with a girl and you're really turned on. You start out slow then the desire to release takes over and you start focusing only on what would feel good to you. It happens … [Read more...]