I’m Flirting Constantly But My Man Isn’t Jealous – What Gives?


I’m a girl and I flirt - a lot. Most of my ex bf’s can’t handle it. My current boyfriend says he doesn’t get the least bit jealous. Is that right? Should he be jealous? What She Said Do you want him to be jealous? It sounds like you’re playing the flirt as a form of control and not as something … [Read more...]

Mama’s Boy – His Mom Is Ruining Our Relationship!


My boyfriend is a mama's boy and his mom is the third wheel in our relationship. She’s always making these crazy demands of him and he feels obligated because she is his mother. I don’t know if she just doesn’t like me or is afraid of losing him, etc. What can I do? It’s stressing both of us … [Read more...]

What To Do If You Find Yourself In A Controlling Relationship


Relationships are often all smiles and happiness in the beginning, but after spending some time together and becoming more comfortable with each other, your partner may start to get a little controlling. What do you do if your significant other is trying to change you or control the way you act or … [Read more...]

Q&A: Cyber Sex And Sexting – Is It OK?


Cyber sex and sexting is something that can easily come between you and your partner if you let it. With the advances in technology and how much time people spend on the Internet, it's nothing for guys or girls to get online and start chatting with friends that are both new and old. However, when … [Read more...]