Best BDSM And Kink Articles Of 2009


Kink, bondage, cuckold fantasies, cross dressing - you name it, it's out there. Everyone likes something different in the bedroom, whether it's traditional, vanilla sex, light bondage or something totally extreme. Our motto is as long as everyone involved is a consenting adult and no one is getting … [Read more...]

Cuckold Fantasy: My Wife With Another Man – Why Do I Like It?


Everyone has a secret sex fantasy - what's yours? Maybe you have a shoe fetish, or perhaps you enjoy BDSM or biting. What is considered outside the norm for you? What if you like watching your wife get banged by another man and really enjoy it? Is this considered abnormal? Should you stop indulging … [Read more...]

Asexual Wanting BDSM But Not Sex – Is It The Medication?


A self-proclaimed asexual begins taking medication and now finds herself having a strong sex drive - not only wanting sex, but BDSM as well! Is this normal? Is she falling out of the asexual orientation, or does her medication have something to do with it? It may be confusing and intimidating, but … [Read more...]

Shoe Fetish – How Can I Find A Partner To Enjoy It With Me?


Many people have fetishes, whatever they may be. Some of the most common fetishes, however, are bondage and shoe fetishes. If you have a shoe fetish or another type of fetish, it might seem daunting to try to find a partner to enjoy your fetish with, but with a little searching, you can definitely … [Read more...]