I’m Attracted To Girls – How Can I Share A Threesome With My Husband?


Ah, the threesome. It's almost every guy's fantasy, but men rarely get to indulge in this popular but taboo sexual act. Some guys get lucky though, and their partner is up for a little same sex fun with their husbands - but more often than not, the woman is scared to share her newfound interest with … [Read more...]

Should I Tell My Parents I’m Gay?


Discovering that you're gay and learning to accept who you are is difficult. It's not an easy road to take.However, once you've accepted yourself, there comes a time that you want your friends and family to accept you as well. Should you tell your parents that you're gay?Unfortunately, it's not … [Read more...]

How To Know If She’s Straight (and interested in you…), Bisexual, or Lesbian?


When you're in a club, or another place where lots of people get together to hang out and possibly meet dates, you can sometimes find yourself overwhelmed.If you're there looking for a date, it can sometimes be hard to figure out if a girl likes you, or is even interested in you. For all you know, … [Read more...]