What To Do When Your Sex Drive Plummets


Your sex drive is something you want enough of - if you're not in sync with your lover's sex drive, your relationship suffers. Try this if your sex drive's low.On a general scale, men tend to want sex more than women. Now, this isn’t always the case, but for the most part men want sex whenever … [Read more...]

Low Sex Drive – How Can A Woman Get Her Libido Back?


The libido changes in lots of ways throughout life, for both men and women. A low sex drive can mean a lot of things for a woman, especially after giving birth. Here's how to figure out why she has a low libido and how to revv up your partner's libido again after the baby is born. Question: My … [Read more...]

7 Ways You Can Increase Your Sex Drive NATURALLY!


Sex doesn't always stay hot, especially in a steady, long term relationship. But that doesn't mean you have to get an Rx from your doctor just to be able to have regular sex with your partner. Medications like Viagra and even herbal remedies can leave you with unwanted side effects. Instead, boost … [Read more...]