My Libido Is Too High! What Do I Do?


My libido is extreme! I’m a girl and when I’m in a committed relationship, I really like sex. A lot. I have a more prominent libido than any girl I know. My past boyfriends couldn’t handle it. I’m kind of insecure about my sexual needs. My current man says he’s okay with it. How much sex drive is … [Read more...]

Sexting: The Truth About Your Wife’s Sex Drive – And Why It’s Higher Than You Think


Sexting is an easy, convenient tool you can use to turn your partner on. A cell phone is something that you have on hand almost all the time, and it's a way to have a hot, steamy conversation between you and your partner without anyone ever knowing about it. But if you assumed that your lover's sex … [Read more...]

Increase Your Sex Drive – Viagra Alternatives For Women


You may or may not know this, but for women, sex is 50% physical and 50% mental. If we don't feel balanced and healthy in both of those areas -- the desire for sex just falls to the wayside. If we're tired, stressed, or overwhelmed, we know that having sex will help us feel better, but often times, … [Read more...]