3 Easy Sex Tips To Banish the Anxiety Of Climaxing Too Soon!


Premature ejaculation will really ruin your sex life if you let it. You can easily eliminate this from your sex life with 3 EASY techniques.   So, if  you constantly feel you are performing below par you can take control now. The simple truth is, premature ejaculation is a very common problem that … [Read more...]

4 Male Masturbation Techniques For Better Orgasms


Male masturbation is something that every guy learns to do by the age of about 14. While there isn’t a guy in the world that would rather masturbate then have sex with a woman, sometimes a do-it-yourself job is all that is available. If you're tired of using the same techniques, there are few ways … [Read more...]

How To Please A Man From Head To Toe!


A male orgasm is easy and it doesn’t take much to make it happen. However, some women don’t know all that there is to know about the male orgasm and how ejaculation isn’t the telltale sign that your man just enjoyed what you did to him. Yes, it is typically the sign that of a “job well done”, but … [Read more...]

Do THIS For Amazing Sexual Stamina!


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How To Get Him Off With The Handjob Of His Life


A handjob is probably going to take you back to the days of middle school behind the bleachers or in your parent’s basement. While a handjob is not the most erotic act that you can perform on your guy, it can easily keep them interested in your sex life. This sex act is nostalgic and can be a great … [Read more...]