7 Sultry Things That Make His Toes Curl


Sex ruts are easy to get into when you're in a relationship - but they're not so easy to get out of. Without bringing some new moves to the bedroom, your man starts knowing what to expect - which can be a huge turn off for guys that like to mix it up. Make sex an incredibly new and wonderful … [Read more...]

How To Enhance Your Orgasm – For Men


An orgasm for men - when they're by themselves - is often just a "get it done" kind of thing. Guys are used to masturbating quickly, usually because they either grew up afraid to get caught or are still afraid to get caught - and for many guys, it's a combination of both. Masturbation is a healthy … [Read more...]

The Male G-Spot: How To Find And Stimulate The Prostate Gland


Believe it or not, men have a sort of "g-spot" too, and when stimulated, it can bring him explosive, amazing orgasms - we're talking the kind he's never had before. The male g-spot is called the prostate gland and it's not at all difficult to find and stimulate. When you do, he'll beg you for more! … [Read more...]

The Truth About The Prostate Gland


You may have heard of a prostate gland, a gland inside a man's body that is capable of providing him with great pleasure when stimulated, also known as prostate massage or prostate milking. The prostate is hard to get to though - it can sometimes be lightly stimulated by a firm touch underneath a … [Read more...]