Romance Tips: How to Make Your Anniversary Truly Special


Romance can be hard to come by in a marriage, but your anniversary is coming up and you need some date ideas! Here's how to fill your anniversary with romance.Whether your date nights have grown generally boring or you’re looking to really set this year apart from previous ones, your anniversary … [Read more...]

Long Term Relationship: How NOT To Be A Nag


A long term relationship take some effort to keep. Nagging is one of those things that can destroy long term relationships if you let it - here's how to stop! Are You A Constant Nagger? No one likes being called a nag. The term is full of all sorts of negative connotations. Yet all of us have … [Read more...]

Being A Supportive Partner When Times Get Rough


A relationship go through many ups and downs. Here's how to be a great spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend in your relationshipp when things are difficult. For Better Or For Worse Everyone who’s ever been to a wedding or seen one on TV or in a movie knows the gist of typical wedding vows. There’s a line … [Read more...]

What To Do When Your Parents Hate Your Partner


Here’s a seemingly simple scenario. You love your parents and you love your significant other. It’s finally time for your mate and your family to meet. They get together and they absolutely love each other. Why shouldn’t they? You’re their common bond, and if you love all of them, why wouldn’t they … [Read more...]

Top 5 Reasons Not To Cheat


Cheating is almost never a good idea - here are 5 great reasons to avoid cheating on your partner. What She Said:I want to honor my vows. “For better or worse” is what I agreed to - and staying faithful means things will stay on “the better” end of the spectrum. The kids. I don’t have ‘em, but I … [Read more...]