Best Female Masturbation Secrets Of 2011

Female Masturbation

Female masturbation is more common than you think - lots of girls are into it. However, not every girl knows how best to stimulate her clitoris or which sex toy is perfect for g-spot stimulation during a solo session. Guys can also gain a lot of knowledge about how to give a woman an orgasm by … [Read more...]

Hands Free Orgasm – Can Women Masturbate Without Touching Themselves?


An orgasm usually happens when a woman stimulates her clitoris or g-spot - or her partner does. It's assumed that a woman must be stimulated to reach orgasm, but everyone says that a girl's brain is an instrumental part in getting to climax - so can a woman reach orgasm without ever touching herself … [Read more...]

How To Become The Sensual Seductress Your Man Fantasizes About!


Most sex tips are going to be lost on you if you're hiding your erotic side. However, these sex tips will teach you how to become the naughty girl your guy wants!If racy undergarments, racks of sex toys, and adult videos make you want to hide beneath the sheets, you sure are oblivious of what real … [Read more...]