Swinging: Pros & Cons Of An Open Marriage


More and more people are “opening up” their marriages to other partners. Some people call themselves polyamorists, swingers, or just simply members of the Kennedy family. But is that right for you? What are the upsides and downsides to this arrangement? We’ll answer all your romantic queries in just … [Read more...]

The Swinger Lifestyle and Open Relationships – Is it Really CHEATING?


Some couples have a truly amazing, exotic sex life that’s enough to make most anyone jealous.But there’s more to a great sex life than endless sexual adventures and erotic games.It’s not even about those amazing mind-shattering orgasms that many have heard about, but few have ever … [Read more...]

Are You Dating Mr. Or Mrs. Maybe? Stop It Already!


I’m not sure where exactly it happened.But somewhere along the way our culture decided that “dating” was synonymous with “having sex”.  At the very least it’s viewed as such in the narrow minds of enough of the general population to keep tons of self-conscious people all over the fruited plain … [Read more...]