Finding Love Online This Valentine’s Day and The Perfect Last Minute Gift Idea…


"Love Bytes!" That's what more and more people are saying this Valentine's Day.KFWB's Jennifer Bauman looks at how the internet has grown into the matchmaker of this millennium.Here's a KFBW Exclusive Featuring Jennifer Bauman from KFBW and Dan and Jennifer from AskDanAndJennifer.comAre you … [Read more...]

Speed Dating Grows Up – Meet 5 People In 5 Minutes Without Leaving Home


When most people think of traditional speed dating, they picture their local pub trying to get 20 sober people together in one room, in hopes they can go a few rounds with one another to find a match. Well, fast forward to the present. The times have finally caught up with that old idea of speed … [Read more...]

Online Dating: The Single Mom Conundrum


I'm a single mom and my child is the first thing on my mind at all times. But I don't want to be defined by my single-mom status.I am so much more than that and besides, the label has such depressing connotations -- desperation, loneliness, sadness. Yet I am none of those things. So when it comes … [Read more...]

Is Having Cyber Sex Before Physical Sex a Good Idea?


These days it’s nearly impossible to begin a relationship without using some form of cyber communication during those critical “getting to know you” weeks.From meeting online via a dating website to having a casual chat over instant messenger, the likelihood that you’ll have at least one online … [Read more...]