Internet, Love And Marriage


It may be hard to believe that there are any households out there nowadays without internet connectivity, but there are, and if you're single and living in one of them, you're less likely to be in a relationship. After all the feedback we hear on how the internet can hurt our relationships, it may … [Read more...]

Beware Of Dating Via Social Networks


A woman in the UK recently set up a Facebook page to help her facilitate sexual encounters. The page, entitled “I Need Sex” has since been shut down but before it was, the owner, Laura Michaels, said she met up with and slept with 50 men. Admitted Michaels, “I know that it was risky behavior but … [Read more...]

Here There Be Weirdos: How To Meet Great People Online


For every successful "I met my boyfriend online" story, there are probably one hundred hilarious, awful, or creepy stories to prove the adage, "Now I see why he looks for dates online." While online dating is no longer taboo or even uncommon, it can still be very tricky to successfully maneuver (and … [Read more...]

How to Chat Safely Both Online And Off


Protecting your identity may seem like common sense, but when we start flirting, chatting, and enjoying ourselves a little too much, we can sometimes forget that there are predators (sexual, identity theft, etc) both online and off. Here are some key things to remember next time you start feeling a … [Read more...]

Q&A: Online Dating – Can You Fall In Love Without Meeting?


There are a lot of questions when it comes to online dating, but very few answers as online dating is still new, uncharted territory for many people. Can you fall in love online, or do you need to meet them first? How can you stay safe if you do end up meeting them in person? Here's what you need to … [Read more...]