Monogamy: Can I Really Only Have Sex With 1 Person FOREVER?


Monogamy is great for some people, but not for others. How can you tell if you're about to make a big mistake by swearing to monogamy for the rest of your life? I’m due to get married in a couple months, but I’m starting to have doubts. I don’t feel I’m as excited as I should be about the big day. … [Read more...]

How To Host A Swingers Party


Many people like the thought of going to a swingers party. It's certainly a little bit different to your average social gathering! They can be great fun and the place where many fantasies are acted out. But rather than wait around and hope you get invited to one, why not host your own? It's not … [Read more...]

How To Get Your Partner Interested In Swinging


Swinging can be a great activity for a couple to take part in. Done the right way, it need not be damaging to your relationship at all. In fact, the consensus amongst most 'successful' swingers is that it actually enhances their relationship and brings them closer together. What If Your Lover … [Read more...]

Swinging: Pros & Cons Of An Open Marriage


More and more people are “opening up” their marriages to other partners. Some people call themselves polyamorists, swingers, or just simply members of the Kennedy family. But is that right for you? What are the upsides and downsides to this arrangement? We’ll answer all your romantic queries in just … [Read more...]

How To Bring Up Threesomes And Swinging With Your Partner


It’s the question asked ‘round the world, by men and women everywhere, how can I talk to my partner about...(fill in the blank with some sort of open marriage revolving thing.) It’s no wonder, with the near universal yearning for variety, and that often bubbling below the surface desire to see your … [Read more...]