Blowjob Tips For Guys – Do You Put Your Hands On Her Head Or Not?


Blowjob tips aren't always for the ladies. Men - should you be putting your hands on your partner's head while she's going down on you or not? Holding Her The Right Way Believe it or not, this can be a big issue for both women and men when it comes to fellatio. It is important to discuss this … [Read more...]

Advanced Oral Sex Techniques: How To Tongue Her Vagina


Oral sex is hot all by itself - almost every girl loves it and regardless of your technique, your partner is going to enjoy the feeling of your warm, wet mouth in her most sensitive spots. While technique isn't everything when it comes to oral sex, if your woman is going to climax, you've got to … [Read more...]

Oral Sex: How To Push All Her Hot Buttons!

Ask Dan & Jennifer -

There’s no denying that couples of all ages love to engage in oral sex practices. In fact, married couples are likely to have more sex, and more varied sex, than single people and, according to stats, even oral sex is more common in married couples rather than single couples.So here’s some advice … [Read more...]