What To Do When He Ejaculates During A Handjob


A handjob will hopefully end in your lover ejaculating - but what do you do with his semen? Here's how to handle it when your man has an orgasm during a handjob.You’ve made it through the hard part – getting your partner up to the point where an orgasm is imminent. Here, you can do a couple … [Read more...]

4 Male Masturbation Techniques For Better Orgasms


Male masturbation is something that every guy learns to do by the age of about 14. While there isn’t a guy in the world that would rather masturbate then have sex with a woman, sometimes a do-it-yourself job is all that is available. If you're tired of using the same techniques, there are few ways … [Read more...]

Top 5 Reasons You Can’t Get It Up


Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a term to describe a state of impotency.Yikes.But ED is actually very common, and often only temporary. Most guys out there will be able to remember one drunken night that they couldn't quite make it happen. In fact anything from one too many hamburgers, to ill … [Read more...]