Flirting With Text Messages – 3 Texts A 3rd Grader Could Have Written


You've been flirting with her through text messages, but with no response. Ever wonder why a woman didn't text you back?It's not because your text message wasn't “good enough.” Because texting shouldn't be tough to do. In fact, your average third grader could write expert text messages. (As long … [Read more...]

Sexting: How To “Revivify” Her Best Experiences


Sexting is an extremely powerful tool that you can use to heat up your sex life with your partner almost instantaneously! If you want your lover to be ready for sex with you as soon as she gets home from work, try these sexting techniques to revive her favorite sexual experiences with you - so you … [Read more...]

Sexting: How To Make Her Feel Truly, Undeniably Sexy


Feeling sexy is something that every woman should experience, but so few women do because of the unrealistic images that the media puts out there to show women how they "should" or "need to" look. If your partner doesn't feel sexy, she's not going to be sexy - and you're not going to have very good … [Read more...]

Phone Sex – Tips For Talking Dirty


Talking dirty is an art form, one that can seem quite intimidating to master. Contrary to popular belief though, learning to talk dirty isn't at all difficult. You just have to learn to let yourself go! Here are some excellent tips on how to talk dirty with your partner whether you're having phone … [Read more...]