Should You Have Sex Before Age 18?


Teen sex is common these days - you see it on television and in movies, you hear about teenage celebrities getting busy and kids at school are trying it too. But is it right for YOU? Should you do it, or should you wait? Legality Let's face it - it's not legal for people to have sex if they're under … [Read more...]

Q&A: She’s Pregnant By Another Man – But Wants To Be With Me!


A pregnant girlfriend is one thing, but what about being with a girl who is pregnant by someone else? Are you supposed to be in a relationship with her and take care of the baby because no one else will, or can you decide that you're not ready for this and move on? What do you do? Question: First … [Read more...]

He Wants Kids And She Doesn’t – Now What?


A relationship comes with lots of big decisions - one of which is whether to have kids. What do you and your partner do when you disagree about children, and what do you do if you and your partner once agreed about having kids but now disagree? My hubby and I always wanted to have kids. We waited … [Read more...]