How Having A Baby Can Affect Your Relationship


Maybe you’ve just found out that you’re pregnant, or maybe you and your partner have been trying to decide when to have kids. Either way, it’s important to consider all of the ways that having a child will affect your relationship. Taking care of a baby is a lot of work. The stress it can cause and … [Read more...]

The South Rises Again – In Pregnancies


I have nothing against Southerners.I want to say that up front because I’ve traveled around the southern part of America a few times and found myself admiring the beautiful lands, the great food, and the good people of the South. As a Northerner I always have this fear of being discovered for my … [Read more...]

Q&A: Does A Woman’s Vagina Get Looser After Having Babies?


A woman's body goes through several monumental changes when she becomes pregnant and has a baby. Not only does she have mood swings and weird food cravings, she's also going to have larger breasts and - eek! - a looser vagina if she gives birth naturally. Is this something that is permanent or is … [Read more...]