How To Enhance Your Orgasm – For Men


An orgasm for men - when they're by themselves - is often just a "get it done" kind of thing. Guys are used to masturbating quickly, usually because they either grew up afraid to get caught or are still afraid to get caught - and for many guys, it's a combination of both. Masturbation is a healthy … [Read more...]

The Male G-Spot: How To Find And Stimulate The Prostate Gland


Believe it or not, men have a sort of "g-spot" too, and when stimulated, it can bring him explosive, amazing orgasms - we're talking the kind he's never had before. The male g-spot is called the prostate gland and it's not at all difficult to find and stimulate. When you do, he'll beg you for more! … [Read more...]

The Truth About The Prostate Gland


You may have heard of a prostate gland, a gland inside a man's body that is capable of providing him with great pleasure when stimulated, also known as prostate massage or prostate milking. The prostate is hard to get to though - it can sometimes be lightly stimulated by a firm touch underneath a … [Read more...]

Does Liking Anal Sex With a Strap On Make Me Gay?


Many people like different forms of sex. New and exciting sexual encounters help spice up the sex life, and if you're into trying new things you might find a few that really turn you on and help make your orgasms explosive!Both women and men can enjoy anal sex and if you're a man who has a female … [Read more...]