How To NOT Give Him Blue Balls!


Sex tips are the best way to understand how the opposite sex works. Girls are notorious for giving guys blue balls, but here's how to avoid being a tease! What She Said: Congratulate Yourself!First of all, if your man is complaining of blue balls, check his ID.  No adult man would own up to the … [Read more...]

How To Break Up The Right Way


Relationship advice can help you avoid the pitfalls of a messy break up. Here is what real men and women are saying about breaking up the right way. What She Said: No Birthdays Or Text Messages Breaking up with someone can get really messy.  Especially if you have been dating for a while.  If you … [Read more...]

3 Sex Tips For A Better Sexual Relationship With ALL Women!


Sex tips usually try to tell men how to last longer in bed. However, according to a recent study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the “most desirable” length of time to spend having sex turned out to be only 7 to 13 minutes. Women started rating anything from 10 to 30+ minutes as “too long”. In … [Read more...]

Secret Survey Reveals Why ALL Men Lie!


Watch this Free Presentation to discover the REAL reason ALL Men Lie to women they love and learn how to discover how he really feels about you without him saying a word...Relationship advice will rarely tell you WHY your man lies - and if you think he doesn't, you're dead wrong. The truth is, ALL … [Read more...]