My Boyfriend Wants To Have Sex Before Marriage But I’m Not Sure. Is It Really Okay?


Sex before marriage. It’s a tough topic that many people feel very passionate about, but not everyone is passionate about it for the same reasons.Many people believe that sex before marriage is wrong or immoral and others believe that it’s not an issue.While there may never be a universal … [Read more...]

What The Church Should Be Telling You About Sexuality But Isn’t…


I have heard every type of sermon in 30 years time ranging from the typical foundational teachings to Dr. Seuss (if you can believe it) as a reference for deeper truths.But the more typical subjects on sexual issues and relationship issues in the church and elsewhere range from marriage, single … [Read more...]

Met Someone New? How Long Should You Date Before It’s OK To Have Sex?


You've met someone new. You have a great connection and things look great. So when is it okay to have sex for the first time?There are those who believe it's okay to have sex on the first date. Others think the third date is the right time, but still others believe you should wait much longer. … [Read more...]

Abstinence Only? Does it Really Work?


Shelby Knox is one of my biggest heroes!Who is she? She was a Lubbock, Texas high school student (she’s now in college as of this writing), a church attendee, and comes from a conservative home. Knox was also the subject of the PBS series “P.O.V.” called “The Education of Shelby Knox” where she is … [Read more...]

Sex, Religion, and Hypocrisy – Will Embracing Your Sexuality Offend God?


"The trouble with lies is it’s hard to forget where the real man hides."--Gene Eugene, lead singer of Adam AgainI always admire people who are not afraid to come out in the light and live their life fearlessly. The Naked Cowboy in Times Square playing his guitar and giving a smile in the busiest … [Read more...]