Q&A: BDSM – How To Introduce Your Partner To Domination


Introducing your partner to BDSM and domination can be incredibly intimidating. Your partner may be shy about trying new things in the bedroom, or they may flat out think that BDSM is too freaky. Either way, it's possible to warm your boyfriend or girlfriend up to domination and bondage if you play … [Read more...]

Kinky Sex 101: Adding Flavor To Vanilla


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How To Introduce Your Girl To Bondage


Introducing your partner to bondage - if that's not something she's already into - is tricky business. If you bring it up in the wrong way, or try the hardcore stuff first, you might just turn her off of bondage and BDSM for good. Here's how to slowly introduce your partner to bondage so you have … [Read more...]

Q&A: How To Fantasize Without Sounding Like A Pervert


In a new sexual relationship, it can be nerve wracking to share your sexual fantasies, likes and dislikes with your new partner. Will they judge you? Will you sound like a pervert if you tell them what gets you turned on? Here's how to share your fantasies with your partner - without making yourself … [Read more...]