4 Kinky Rough Sex Ideas


Rough sex can turn a boring bedroom experience into something that both you and your partner look forward to. Rough sex is kinky and fun, but safety has to be taken into consideration before anything can be implemented.A relationship is about love, but your sex life should be full of lust. If you … [Read more...]

3 Tips for Keeping Rough Sex Unpredictable


Rough sex can be lots of fun for both you and your partner, but even though you're not necessarily having what is known as "vanilla sex" (you know, the plain, boring kind), it can get monotonous if you're not careful to mix things up every now and then.Some couples get bored of rough sex after … [Read more...]

Rough, Hard Sex – Is It A Fetish, Or Something More?


There are as many ways to have sex as there are people in the world - whether you enjoy slow, sensual intimacy with your partner or a little raunchy fun, sex is an incredible experience between two people. Many people enjoy rough, hard sex - is it just a fetish or something more? Dear Dan and … [Read more...]

When Domination Goes Wrong


Domination can be fun during sex, but there's times where it crosses the line. Are you the kind of guy that can be too rough during sex? Find out now! Do Men Go Overboard On Purpose? Though not really wishing to hurt or disrespect his partner, he’s just one sold to the image of a man holding his … [Read more...]