Love, Sex, and Dating 2008 – The Best of Dan and Jennifer


Just in case you missed any of the excitement this year, here's a wrap of 2008! I'm including our best, most talked about, and most controversial love, sex, and dating topics of the year. Enjoy! Love & Relationships I’m In A Sexless Marriage! What Happened? Should You Stay In A Sexless … [Read more...]

Practice Makes Perfect. Yes, You Can Train Yourself To Last Longer in Bed


Edging is a technique that can be used to increase your ability to refrain from climaxing when you’re really stimulated and turned on. It goes like this. Sexual Stimulation on a Scale of 1 to 10 You imagine a scale of stimulation from 1 to 10. 1 means you aren’t stimulated at all. It’s how you are … [Read more...]

Help! Anal Sex Is The ONLY Way His Penis Stays Hard!


While a great number of people prefer not to have anal sex or never even bother to try it, many others enjoy anal sex as a part of their sexual repertoire.Anal sex can be fun and intriguing if you’re smart about it, but what if your partner becomes addicted to anal sex? What do you do? Dear Dan … [Read more...]